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We’re a team of Fast, Dedicated and Professional Life insurance agents who helps keep your business safe with better insurance coverage for less.

Same Day Certificates

We get your insurance certificate as soon as possible so you can right to your job.

Low Rates & Premiums

We work out your exact needs, so you can be sure you’re getting the best value.

Our Agents

Life Insurance Star is a small team of agents that work to get you to get the best coverage possible.

Helping Clients Like You Get
Insurance For Over
10 Years

Life Insurance Star is an Independent Insurance Agency representing many different insurance companies for your insurance needs. We carefully select our carriers in order to provide you with the best level of service, price and coverage.

As independent insurance agents, we have the ability to choose the best carrier for your insurance needs. That is the main advantage to using an independent insurance agency, we work to satisfy your needs.

We’re An Independent

As an independent insurance agency, we’re not tied down to one provider. We’re free to shop around and find you the best coverage possible and get you a plan that covers what you need at a price you can’t beat.

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