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New York Life’s main product is whole life insurance that offers lifetime protection. Over time, it is building cash value. NewyorkLife also sells other types of life insurance, the term life insurance, universal, variable, long-term care insurance, and annuities.

Life insurance in New York state

People need life insurance wherever they may live. It is even more important for people or residents of the state of New York. Due to the cost of living in New York, which is relatively higher than other states, households will have more trouble making ends meet if the breadwinner is not around anymore. The following is your guide in finding the cost of New York for life insurance, including the companies and protections the state provides for shoppers and policy owners.

Shopping for New York life insurance can be difficult. The costs of insurance depend on many factors about the purchaser, such as their age, health, and the term and benefit amount. The average cost of life insurance ny for a healthy 35-year-old male is $750,000 for a 30-year term policy is $65 a month. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, for the year 2017, New York had 299 billion purchases of life insurance.

Is New York Life insurance taxable?

The Federal tax laws allow the proceeds of life insurance or the benefit claim to be a tax-free income for the named beneficiaries; there may be some exceptions but not that many. Usually, there is a delay in claiming the benefits because the estate of the policyholder has to undergo probate. During this period, the benefit will be held in an escrow account, which may earn interest. Later, when they are determining the taxable income, the benefits should not be included in the taxable income. Instead, the interest earned between the death of the owner and the time the benefit was approved is considered as taxable income.

Free look period in New York

Free look periods permit insurance owners to cancel their policy within a given period without penalty. The state of New York sets free look periods with ten days minimum and 30 days maximum.

Grace period in New York

The grace period allows late payment of premiums without canceling the policy. New York life insurance has a 31 day grace period while for policies where the premium payment term changes are given a 61-day grace period.

Timely payment of claims in New York

An insurance company is required by the state to pay the claims within 30 days after it has been filed. If it takes more, the benefit will gain interest.

Leading causes of death in New York, 2017

New York has a higher death rate due to firearms, and common health conditions such as heart disease, flu & pneumonia.

New York state insurance department information

The New York Department of Financial Services assists consumers to explore their insurance options and file complaints if there is any. The Department of Financial Services was created in 2011 after the merging of the New York State Insurance Department and the New York State Banking Department.

What is New York Life?

New York Life is the biggest mutual life insurance company, and in 2018, it has recorded a high surplus, life insurance, and annuity sales, and operating earnings. It also paid the highest dividends and benefits to policy owners and their beneficiaries. The life insurance company ’s surplus record contributed to its ratings on strong financial strength. It has received the highest ratings, which made this life insurance company one of the two companies receiving such an award.

Best Life Insurance Companies of 2020

Learning about the differences between life insurance companies by comparing their policies and products.

  • Permanent life insurance – is a long term coverage that includes whole life and universal life insurance policy types. It is called a cash value life insurance because of savings like a concept that is built over time.
  • Whole life insurance – a permanent policy where premium payments are building cash value over time. It can be expensive and has eligibility for dividends from mutual companies.
  • Universal life insurance – it is another type of permanent coverage that also builds cash value. It has flexible premiums, which can affect the cash value and death benefit.
  • Indexed universal life insurance – similar to universal life insurance that builds cash value based on the specific market index. This policy is less expensive and risky than variable policy because there is no investment in an index.
  • Variable life insurance – is a type of permanent policy that associates cash value to many different investment options. These options may be based on whole life or universal life coverage.
  • Term life insurance – a life insurance policy that covers the owner for a specific period, which mostly ranges from 5 to 30 years. When the term ends, the coverage also ends, which means there is no benefit anymore.


Checking on the reviews of the best insurance companies will make buying life insurance policy easier. Due to the high death rate in New York, whether due to a severe illness or a fatal injury, death comes unexpectedly. It is expected that many residents are getting life insurance to secure their loved ones’ future once they die, especially if they are the major breadwinner of the family. If you have life insurance coverage, you don’t have to worry that being gone will cause too much financial distress to your family.

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