Is Senior Life Insurance Too Expensive?

Some people think that life insurance for seniors is just too expensive. Other people think that seniors can’t even find life insurance. Both are wrong. There are actually many options for senior life insurance. Many are surprisingly affordable. And get this: Searching for the options is now not only faster and easier than ever before possible, it is also free!

This is a revolution in insurance shopping. Until very recently, comparison-shopping required contacting many different insurers, one at a time. Talking with one agent after another…filling out one form then another and another…and waiting and waiting for a reply.

Things have changed. New quoting software technology now makes it possible to get quotes online from many different companies, all at one time, all in one place. And that enables you to compare rates to get the most affordable possible. How affordable? Many seniors find that they can get a policy with a benefit worth tens of thousands of dollars for just pennies a day. For a policy with a senior life insurance benefit valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars, many people find options with a premium less than the price of a cappuccino per day.

Wow! A quality life insurance policy with a benefit worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a day for the cost of a cup of coffee! That is a small price to pay for the security and peace of mind that senior life insurance can provide. You may plan to designate that your policy benefit go to your spouse or children or grandchildren. That’s what most people do. Most, but not all. Others designate that the benefit go to their church, temple, mosque, or a favorite charity. And some people shop for a policy that can cover the costs of their end-of-life care, if needed, plus their funeral and burial or cremation.

These days, funeral and burial expenses can easily cost $6,000, $8,000, $10,000, or much more. What’s more, some people leave behind unpaid medical expenses that can add tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to the financial burden that dependents face. Knowing that you have made plans and that your family will not have to face added stress at an already difficult time…that is a fantastic feeling!

So how do you proceed? How do you make sure you find a senior life insurance policy that is right for your needs and right for your budget? Use a free, unbiased online quoting service such as Just answer a few very simple questions. Then click one button.

Immediately, you will see quotes from America’s leading insurance companies, competing to offer you the best policy at the lowest possible rate. Pick the policy that fits your needs. Usually, you can pay your first premium right then and there using a credit card. In most cases, you can even download a copy of your new policy that you can print and file with your other essential household documents. And, just that quickly and easily, you have secured affordable, high-quality senior life insurance!